Introducing Premium support - get peace of mind.

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Introducing Premium support - get peace of mind.

Post  afsal on Wed Apr 01, 2015 3:31 am

Dear Sir,

We are introducing Premium Support for your Cloud and Dedicated servers.

With the Free Standard support, we can Reboot or Reinstall Operating system in your server. We can also do basic troubleshooting small things like checking IP issues, server blocked due to firewall issue etc.

Sometimes you need more help and we are introducing Premium support for just $29 per month, that is at $1 per day!!!!. It includes

1. Faster Touble Ticket Response.
2. 24/7 Chat support.
3. Fix any Windows or Linux Operating system issues.
4. Firewall installation and Configuration.
5. Mysql Database installation.
6. FREE Mysql Database daily backup service.
7. Apache or IIS installation.
8. FTP installation.
9. VMWare, Proxmox, CPanel etc installation and configuration
10. Any other normal Troubleshooting. (Plesae note any other software installation and troubleshooting will cost extra)

If you need to get any other software installed, we can do it for a very minimal fee of $15 per hour. Asterisk, Elastix or any other Windows or linux applciations we can install and configure.

Please contact us on online chat at for details.


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