Access your server from anywhere any device

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Access your server from anywhere any device

Post  afsal on Mon Apr 27, 2015 12:25 pm

Dear Sir,

Access Your windows Server from any internet-enabled device
1. Access your Windows Server from anywhere with any devices like PC, Tablets, Mobile Phones or any Internet enabled device. Supports Windows, Linux, MAC iOS and Android operating systems.

2. SSL enabled secured connection for security and protection.

3. 5 times faster than RDP Client and 80% Bandwidth Saving with HTML5. Works even in Low BandWidth Areas.

4. HTML5 based program which requires no addons like java or flash or anything and it works on any browser.

5. Direct Accelerated RDP clientd for Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome are also available

We at provides the above service for just $5 per month to access your windows server from anywhere.

NB: We are still running 5 days free trial for most of our Cloud and Dedicated Servers. Test it before you pay.

Datasoft Networks


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