Wholesale & Retail VoIP and Class 5 Hosted Softswitch at very pertinent price

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Wholesale & Retail VoIP and Class 5 Hosted Softswitch at very pertinent price

Post  tutu on Mon Aug 24, 2015 5:22 am

Dear Sir,

Wholesale & Retail Class 5 Hosted Softswitch and billing solution gives customer the possibility to connect end-users over large geographical distances, handle large volumes of traffic, and make use of an in-built billing software system within the confines of a world-class wholesale solution.
The VoIP innovation uses the Internet to transfer voice information for telecommunication functions and that is the reason why thousands of company companies are shouting to have VoIP phone systems for their communication needs. VoIP technology possibly requires some further refinement as the usual grievances are an increase in dropped calls and poorer voice quality.

Take a look our Hosted Softswitch Plan

Wholesale/Retail VoIP
Calling Card
Calling Features- Calling Card, PC-Phone, Device-Phone, Phone-Phone, Mobile VoIP
Real Time Customized Web Interface (Admin, Reseller, Customer)
Call Detail Report
Multi Provider Support
Multi Language Support
Multi Currency Support
Account and user management
Rate Management
Gateway Management
Billing Reports and Invoice management
Online Signup & Recharge / Payment
IVR Management
DID Support

for More information contact :
Email: hosted@hostedvoips.com
Skype : hosted.voips
Hosted VoIPS
A service from Adore Infotech Pvt. Ltd.


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