Anti-SIM Blocking Solution with GSM terminations

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Anti-SIM Blocking Solution with GSM terminations

Post  aonevoice on Thu Sep 10, 2015 11:51 pm

SIM blocking is a hurdle in VoIP calling. Keeping this into mind AoneVoice developed Anti-SIM Blocking feature in it's switch and follows some checks to avoid this. When a user places call command from his SIM for services like Auto-Dialers or PC2phone there occurs an IVR check which asks the user for some input  just to confirm whether the user is a physical person or some virtual machine is there to operate and then the system authenticates the given information by the user thereby allowing the call to pass through gateway. This feature is an add on security advantage so that the SIM cannot be accessed by multiple users and consequently SIM OR PIN does not get blocked. It is an ideal gateway for heavy duty VoIP call termination (VoIP to GSM) and Origination (GSM to VoIP), it is fully compatible with leading soft switch and SIP server.

Anti-SiM Blocking module makes AoneVoice Switch panel more glorious and glassy as this serves the Aonevoice Softswitch VoIP Platform as an add on module  with ease of GSM Termination Routing Services, Call passing with Blocking of SIMs and set custom settings in module as per need.

Anti-SIM blocking Solution with GSM terminations is a brand new module in the VOIP industry. And with this sort of device you can be the newflanged service provider of GSM gateway.

Our softswitch is a complete package for uninterrupted calling and works as medium to enhance people's trust with VoIP Communications.

We deal in a wide range of VOIP telephony solutions. To know more about us visit our site or e-mail at


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