Transforming Digital Work space - Cloud FTP Storage Service only at $9/month for 100 GB

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Transforming Digital Work space - Cloud FTP Storage Service only at $9/month for 100 GB

Post  nithin6 on Tue Sep 22, 2015 2:00 am

Digital work space has been witnessing innovative solutions and FTP (File Transfer Protocol) Cloud Storage service has been the latest add to this solution.

The most common way people used to share files online is to attach a file to an email. This method is simple and free. All you need is an email address. However, you're also limited to file sizes of 10MB to 40MB, depending on your email provider. In the past, you had to save these large files to a thumb drive or an external hard drive and pay a courier service to deliver the files. With an FTP host or FTP alternative service, you can turn the cloud into a digital work-space for sharing large files and collaborating with colleagues or clients anywhere.

The FTP services offered by Datasoft are much more than an easy way of sharing large files with clients and colleagues; these are services with easy FTP features designed to integrate with your workflow and maximize your cloud presence.

Our FTP solution features are designed for efficient cloud collaborations across all of your devices and virtual work spaces. To learn more visit

100 GB FTP cloud storage service is priced as low as $9 per month and every additional 100 GB is priced at only additional $5 per month.

Hurry and grab your storage space at


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