Fully brandable Softswitch Software as a Service, with Class 5 Telecom features

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Fully brandable Softswitch Software as a Service, with Class 5 Telecom features

Post  tutu on Mon Sep 28, 2015 4:47 am

You can enjoy maximum benefits with Softswitch like dedicated server with one public IP, wholesale/retail VoIP, calling card, multi provider support, calling feature etc. without having huge investment on switch. Softswitch help you to grow your business, it provides all in one platform for impeccably incorporation. We can use softphone with wide range of VoIP services as it compatible with most of them. Softwitch provides you customizable and considered solutions, by which you can offer PC-Phone, Phone-Phone, Device-Phone, Mobile VoIP solutions etc to every enterprise providers at very affordable price.
Softswitch features:
Wholesale & Retail VoIP
Class 5 Softswitch
IPPBX System
Integrated VoIP Billing
Calling Card System
Multi Level Reseller
Live Call Report
PIN to PIN Balance Transfer
VoIP Mobile Dialer (Android, iOS, Windows Phone Cool
PC Softphone
Fully integrated, Turn-key wholesale & retail VoIP solution for your business
Boost your margins with highly affordable enterprise-grade one stop VoIP solutions
Best of breed enterprise-class flexible softswitch multilevel reseller billing solution
Advanced routing system with multiple routing capabilities
Enhanced customer satisfaction with global calling card solution
Empower your VoIP service with various triggering modules

For more information please contact : sales@adoreinfotech.com
Skype ID : adoreinfotech100
Toll Free -1 800 498 6429 for USA,
Tel : +91 - 9958611014, +91 - 120- 6471891


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