Secure and Easy to deploy – The Safe and Easy to adopt Affordable Cloud Servers

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Secure and Easy to deploy – The Safe and Easy to adopt Affordable Cloud Servers

Post  nithin6 on Mon Nov 23, 2015 12:45 am

Security concerns and quick adoption considerations have always been on the priority needs for customers who need cloud servers. Cost, also often has been one of the main deciding factors for customers who want economize their solutions when approaching the cloud server adoption.

Datasoft’s innovative design and development team has always kept these three considerations mentioned above, to offer our customers the most technologically advanced Cloud servers. Here is how Datasoft has set aside itself to offer a pioneering cutting edge cloud server solution:-

• Use of RAIN (Redundant Array of Independent NAND) technology Enabled SSDs to power our cloud servers: - Datasoft uses Enterprise-level SSD which utilize RAIN Flash Media Management System. RAIN technology adds user data protection that extends beyond ECC, minimally impacting drive performance, and optimizes NAND management, with a high degree of parallelism already in place within the SSD. RAIN technology for an SSD is equivalent to a RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Drives) technology for Disk Drives.

• Easy, Manageable Control Panel for your Public Cloud Server :- The feature rich easy to use Cloud control panel offered by Datasoft saves a lot of time and effort in managing your cloud servers thus boosting the productivity levels of each of its customers.

• Advanced HTML5 based direct Console Access to your Cloud Server using noVNC :- Normal Cloud Consoles are based on Java software which has many limitations. We have introduced HTML5 based Cloud Console direct Access using noVNC. Our customers can connect to console directly to troubleshoot issues and fix it if you lose IP access.

• Datasoft Cloud Servers feature other host of services that enable ease of use:-
o Quickly REINSTALL your OS from list of available Multiple Operating Systems.
o Take live SNAPSHOTS of your Cloud Server and Restore it later if you need to.
o Take FULL BACKUP of your Cloud Server and RESTORE it later if you need to.
o Instantly Upgrade/Downgrade your Cloud Servers for configuration of your choice.
o View your Cloud Server's Usage Graph to view CPU, RAM, Network, and Disk Usage.

Above all the Cloud servers offered by Datasoft are priced beginning with only at an INDUSTRY LOW price of US $8/month for a 4 core 4 GB Cloud Server. That is a lot of power packed into an affordable package that will make your computing life easier at work.

Visit Now!!!! Avail a FREE 5 Day Trial on our select servers.


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