Quality VOIP Solutions at Most Affordable Prices

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Quality VOIP Solutions at Most Affordable Prices

Post  nithin6 on Wed Nov 25, 2015 1:06 am

Datasoft Networks is proud to announce launch of value added services to its customers with unique combination of VOIP Solution packages. We have lined up ITELSWITCH and VOIPSWITCH Solutions for VOIP customers with unique set of features that will add value to their services and improve quality.


* ITEL Bytesaver comes with best Anti-Block feature
* Bytesaver with 40 extra IP , for 95% Blocked Areas
* Dedicated Anti-Block Proxy Servers for each Dialer
* Reduced Bandwidth consumption as low as 9.6 kbps
* PC, Android, iPhone, Symbian, Windows, BlackBerry
* Supports 300 Concurrent Registrations

Specials : iTEL Dialer & Bytesaver at only $99/mo with ITELSWITCH

VoipSwitch With Free VSC, VSR and VsP Modules

* Spanish, Arabic,Chinese, etc. IVR available for free.
* Free PHP-based VSC, VSR, and VsPortal modules.
* Free Mobile-based VSC, VSR, and VsPortal modules
* Free Video/Chat enabled iOS & Android / Pronto Dialers
* Separate License Purchase for Voipswitch required.

Specials : Choose Windows 2012 as your OS for VOIPSWITCH at extra $10/mo

We understand our customers budget and hence offer affordable packages, so when our customers choose from Cloud based Or Dedicated VOIP Solutions.

Learn more at www.datasoft.ws OR chat with our specialists who are online 24/7 *365


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