AoneVoice DID Forwarding Switch

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AoneVoice DID Forwarding Switch

Post  aonevoice on Thu Jan 21, 2016 10:59 pm

Dear friends!

AoneVoice DID Management Module (Add-ON) with AoneVoice Switch introduce the SoftSwitch enabled with DID Sell and Purchase Management.

Through this module any DID provider can provide available DIDs to their end users to use the DIDs with its basic features of forwarding at VoIP Accounts, Server IPs or any real phone number.DID (Direct Inward Dialing) is the type of telephone lines (virtualused for analog signal are different than regular home telephone lines. DID is an alternative access in the form of virtual numbers around the world which takes local charges from Caller Who calls at DID.

Main features of DID :- **

Receive Calls and pass ahead (Call Fowarding)

Get Caller id through DTMF and pass same ahead.

Benefit of using DIDs:-

* To use with IP-PBX to set the IVR Solution as per custom need for an organisation with ease feature of forwarding at variety of mediums.

* To maintain one number for all over the world and forwarding at the SIP account or real number to hide your exact location/Identity in case any company wish to represent identity country wise.

* To Handle Calls at different location by one DID number as per settings in DID portal.

* DID to be used as access number in Calling Card to pick the correct Caller ID and forward at SIP Server and use the Calling Card functions to complete the call at destination.

* It can be used as Local Number while travelling to facilitate local calls charges and ease to communicate..

* Mainly it can be use to assign personally to any end user by DID Switch, use as Access Number in Calling Card or DID in CallBack Service.

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Warm Regards,
AoneVoice Team


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