Fully 100% Private-Labeled Customized Mobile Dialer Software

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Fully 100% Private-Labeled Customized Mobile Dialer Software

Post  tutu on Wed Feb 24, 2016 5:51 am

Adore Softphone providing fully 100% Private-Labeled Customized Mobile Dialer software which will work with your existing SIP base Softswitch. We have over 400 clients worldwide since 2004.
Please come online to have a detail discussion and testing of our demo product, Skype ID : adoreinfotech100 .
Some of the Key Features:

In-app registration for new users using their mobile no (similar to whatsapp)
SMS authentication with one time Password.
Contact SYNC
IM / Chat (for app to app users)
In-app recharge using Paypal and Creditcard information.
App to app free calls
Balance display, Rate Display
Top-up using credit card or voucher
Secured audio calling (Using SRTP / ZRTP)
One new professional Skin design

We can integrate any type of Web API like: Mobile Top-up, Balance transfer one account to another account, In-app Recharge, Remaining balance and Rate display, Advertisement banner etc.

Please download demo version Mobile Dialer app by using your existing SIP server Information :
ANDROID Mobile Dialer:
1. Twin Mobile Dialer (VOIP Dialer + CallingCard/Callthrough Dialer): http://www.adoresoftphone.com/mobile-dialer-twin-android.html
2. VOIP Dialer: http://www.adoresoftphone.com/mobile-softphone-android.html
3. CallingCard/Callthrough Dialer: http://www.adoresoftphone.com/callingcard-dialer-android.html
iOS Mobile Dialer :
1. Twin Mobile Dialer (VOIP Dialer + CallingCard/Callthrough Dialer): http://www.adoresoftphone.com/mobile-dialer-twin-iphone.html
2. VOIP Dialer: http://www.adoresoftphone.com/iphone-sip-client.html
3. CallingCard/Callthrough Dialer: http://www.adoresoftphone.com/callingcard-dialer-iphone.html
For more information please contact : sales@adoreinfotech.com
Skype ID : adoreinfotech100
Toll Free -1 800 498 6429 for USA,
Tel : +91 - 9958611014, +91 - 120- 6471891
www.adoreinfotech.com, www.adoresoftphone.com


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