SIM Protection Module with AoneVoice VoIP softswitch at best prices.

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SIM Protection Module with AoneVoice VoIP softswitch at best prices.

Post  aonevoice on Thu Mar 03, 2016 10:47 pm

Since SIM blocking remains the biggest trouble faced by GSM terminators creating obstruction in VoIP calling. Our Aonevoice Softswitch incorporates a SIM protection module which brings for you an inventive approach to avoid sim blocking with extremely effective anti sim blocking solution.Our authentication methods emerges as the most prominent way when huge number of calls pass through gateway. Whenever such calls pass through the gateway,checking is done using IVR, speech verification ,balcklist or whitelist check. This validation process establishes greater security and lowers the risk of SIM blocking.

Our key functions and advantages:
*Providing list of blacklist and whitelist callers.
*Avoids blocking of SIM
*Minimizing anti-spam
*Prevents multiple access on SIM.
*Better traffic control.

If you are tired of blocking SIMs  we have the best solution to bring you up, enhance your business while offering a controlled traffic. Our softswitch assures you unbeatable services with sustained VoIP communications.

To know more please visit or else contact us via

Best Regards,
Aonevoice Team
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