AoneVoice Voice Broadcasting Solution for bulk voice calls at low rates

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AoneVoice Voice Broadcasting Solution for bulk voice calls at low rates

Post  aonevoice on Wed Mar 09, 2016 10:45 pm

Voice broadcasting allows you to reach out your target audience in a matter of minutes.With aonevoice voice broadcast  you can free up your time and learn the new trends in communication via our broadcasting service. Just you need to record a voice message, select the contacts and our system wil automatically deliver the pre-recorded message to the selected contacts. We help you create your campaigns, reminders,alerts, various updates with an exeptional contact management system.

Features we provide:  

* Text to speech feature which could convert your text into natural human voice for your recipients.

* Customized IVR  allowing interaction with keypad or touch

* Call forward option to transfer call to live agent

* Real time delivery reports on all successful calls.

* The software can detect and differentiate between an answering machine and a live person and accordingly play appropriate IVR for

Benefits of our service:
*Fast and secure
*Keeps your leads in touch
*Stability of information.
*Highly scalable and economical
*Flexible as per users need
*Compatible with all systems

To experience a whirlwind broadcasting of messages to millions we are at your service to make your business agile, quick and victorious.

Need to know more visit or else contact us via

Best Regards,
Aonevoice Team
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