An efficient SIM Protection Solution for VoIP Industry

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An efficient SIM Protection Solution for VoIP Industry

Post  aonevoice on Sun Apr 17, 2016 11:51 pm

Hello Readers,

Greetings from AoneVoice!!!

SIM blocking being one of the trouble encountered by GSM terminators which creates obstruction in VoIP Termination business.Our team has come up with an effective solution to save your SIMs with our SIM Protection solution.Our authentication methods/ruls proves to be the most prominent way to pass genuine calls through GSM gateway only and reject the robot/machine calls almost. With our solution you will get the option to set your rules as per blocking in your areas or by your experience.

We do not commit for complete 100% solution of SIM Blocking but you may run your SIMs in better way by using our solution.In case anywhere you will wish to add any additional function we would love to listen you to check feasibility.

Our key functions and advantages:

*Providing list of blacklist and whitelist callers.
*Protecting SIM's from blocking
*Minimizing machine calls
*Prevents multiple access on SIM.
*Rejecting Auto generator Machine Calls.

We offer you the best chance to test our solution and know the results for a day or two day!!!If you want to do test for more days server cost will need to pay by your end.After testing if you feel its working for area we can discuss the plans which is we are offering port wise.

Best Regards,
AoneVoice Team
Email: sales(@)
GTalk: myaonevoice
Skype: aonevoice
: aonevoice.sales2


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