~Rent voss3000!Rent voss3000!Hacking free version V2.1.2.4 With softswitch offline solution ~

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~Rent voss3000!Rent voss3000!Hacking free version V2.1.2.4 With softswitch offline solution ~

Post  vos3000vos on Sat Jul 30, 2016 6:23 pm

~Rent voss3000!Rent voss3000!Hacking free version V2.1.2.4 With softswitch offline solution ~

Hello VOIP Service Provider,

We Provide ORIGINAL/LICENSE VOSs3000 WITH ASR & LCR Based Routing
,Unlimited Reseller Level and More Billing Reports!

Are you wanted to use New hacking free Version with softwitch offline solution?
VOSs3000 is now available and we are offering this version since 1 year
now without any major issues.

We have all Stable versions:

VOSs3000 V2.1.3.2

VOSs3000 V2.1.2.4

VOSs3000 V2.1.2.0

VOSs3000 V2.1.1.5

# Fixing Voss3000 Hacking issue
# Fixing VOSs3000 Down Issue
# Fixing VOSs3000 Softswitch Offline Issue
# Fixing VOSs3000 Loss on CDR Bill Issue
# Fixing VOSs3000 Auto Restart Issue
# Fixing JAVA run time error,
# Fixing msvcr100.dll
# Fixing msvcr71.dll
# Fixing MBX3000

VOSs3000 V2.1.3.2 New Features :

Add Recaculate CDR for VOSs3000
Add Database Connection & CDR Insert Fail Alarm for VOSs3000
Support IP Block when Login Failed
Support Web https
Add Area Analysis Report
Fixed Phone Additional Settings on Web
Add Black/White Group
Add Domestic Business Setting for Phone
Add Callin/Callout/Total Capacity for Phone
Add Callin/Callout Prefix for Phone
Add IP Settings for DMZ
Add Web Max Query Interval Enhanced Fee Rate Management
Add Weekly Settings for Phone/Gateway
Add Auto Delete Expire Acount
Add Overdraw Prevent Function for Callback
Add Billing Mode for Card Business
Enhanced Big Data Process for Client
Change Access Number Billing from Full Match to Prefix
Add Mapping/Routing Gateway ASR/ACD Analysis Report
Support Call Center Access
Add None Device for Phone/Gateway
Support System Capacity Expand
Add Monthly Fee for Phone
Fixed Client Display Problem
Add Balance Checking for Clearing Account
Add Area Report for Clearing Account
Add Billing Mode for Clearing Account
Add Debit Precision for Phone Card Account

**** Provide voss3000 softswitch offline and hacking solution also ***************

For more information, Please contact us at ::

Cell : 01818052194
EMail : allvoip2011@gmail.com
Skype : vos3000.zone
Yahoo : voip_xpert@yahoo.com


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