5 days FREE Trial for VOS3000, ItelSwitch+Itel Dialer

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5 days FREE Trial for VOS3000, ItelSwitch+Itel Dialer

Post  nithin6 on Fri Jul 07, 2017 5:59 am

Rush your trial orders for limited stock at www.datasoft.ws

Dedicated and Cloud VOS3000 Servers

* Cloud servers With UltraFast SSD Drive and with full root access.
* Account Management,Rate Management, Package Management, Cards Management, Gateway Management, Phone Management, Softswitch Management, IVR Management, System Management, User Management, Data Query and Web Self-Service System, the system also integrates add-on modules like the Calling Card/Call Back Business System (support 6 million cards) and Extreme Media Proxy, for you to build a stable , reliable and high-performance operating system.
* Very good for Wholesale and Retail VOIP Platform with very fast connectivity. IP-PBX Features.Protocol: SIP,H323.
* We use CentOS 64 Bit Operating system. Please note others use 32 Bit which is 50% slower than 64 Bit CentOS.
* Free Internet Port Upgrade from 100 mbps to 1000 mbps (a $30/month value free upgrade).
* 3 Levels of Protection. 1. IP based login. 2. Fail2Ban user login restriction. 3. PIN Hack Attack Prevention by Blocking IP

8 Core 8 GB Cloud VOS300 Server 500 Concurrent Calls - Starting from $39/month
8 Core 8 GB Dedicated VOS300 Server 1000 Concurrent Calls - From $79/month

Latest ITelSwitch Version 7.1.1 at www.datasoft.ws

* WebSite customization Panel to Customize your website to upload Header Logo, Login Logo, Billing Logo, Homepage Image, add advertising for Resellers and End Users.
* E-Mail Alert Configuration Panel to send email on CPU, Memory, Disk Usage, ASR, ACD, PDD Alerts, Unusual Traffic, Unusunal Recharge, Expensive Route, Low Balance Alert, Termination Gateway Down Alert etc
* With Built In Firewall that has separate Admin port and firewall along, Fail2BAN AntiHackTool at Admin/User Login level.
SIP Port 5060 Dialer Scan Attack Blocking.New Customer Signup URL. Core4Billing URL. Mobile Billing iPhone and Android APP.
DID module. Callshop Module. Daily Backup Service.24/7 Support and Monitoring etc.

All ITel Dialers comes with Dedicated Bytesaver Server with 40 Rotating IP for AntiBlock.

8 Core 8 GB Cloud ItelSwitch Server with Itel Dialer - $168/month
8 Core 8 GB Dedicated ItelSwitch Server with Itel Dialer - $208/month

Rush your 5 Day FREE TRIAL order at www.datasoft.ws


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