$$ LotusTelco's Best-quality routes want your huge traffic $$

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$$ LotusTelco's Best-quality routes want your huge traffic $$

Post  ahmedlotustelco on Thu Aug 03, 2017 7:25 am

Greeting from Lotustelco,

We providing excellent Quality Routes @ Aggressive rates for following Destinations.

Pak Telenor Mob Premium
Saudi Mobile Premium
Bangladesh Mobiles Standard
Pak Telenor Mob Standard
Cuba Standard
China CC CLI
India CC CLI
Egypt Retail Standard
India Premium
Canada CLI (Vendor Direct Termination)
Canada CC CLI (Vendor Direct termination)
USA CC CLI(Vendor Direct Termination)
Canada Premium
Nepal NT Mobile Premium
Ethiopia Mobile Standard
Nepal Spice Mobile Standard
Benin MTN Standard
Libya Almadar Standard
Libya Libyana Standard
Bangladesh Mobile Pr
Please feel free to contact any time....

Email: ahmed.@lotustelco.net
Skype : ahmed.lotustelco / ahmed.lotustelco@gmail.com
Website: http://lotustelco.net


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