Get more suitable VoIP Softswitch for Business Communication

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Get more suitable VoIP Softswitch for Business Communication

Post  tutu on Tue Dec 12, 2017 4:08 am

The unrest in the web world has prompted various changes in the telecom business. Alongside an expanded request over the globe, the industry has even observed various mechanical progressions that have encouraged speedier and more proficient correspondence. A softswitch is the focal gadget in a VoIP organizes that connections telephone calls with the software and influences correspondence to financially savvy and clever. These days, organizations are changing to Softswitches that keep running on facilitated servers using the Voice over Internet Protocol innovation. This gadget holds every one of the highlights and execution of an ordinary switch and different extra ones, which have made it exceedingly famous with the media communications firms.


* SMS Features with SMS Billing
* PIN to PIN Balance Transfer
* Mobile Topup
* Callshop System
* Multiple Calls on one account
* Customer management
* Prepaid/Postpaid recharge
* Agent account
* Batch management
* Signup(customer)
* Account detail(Agent,Customer)
* Recharge/Payment Online
* SIP Device Add/Delete
* Limit the maximum number of Calls per customer
* Block Prefix, CDRS,Invoice, Charges,IP Termination (Wholesale), Real-time billing
* Multiple level reseller, Multiple provider creation & login
* Billing Increment,Termination Rates,Origination Rates,Rate Group, Connect Charge
* Expiry of rates,Import Rate sheet
* Multiple Provider supported,Multiple Gateway supported
* Add multiple SIP Providers
* Provide redundancy based on cost
* Strong LCR engine
* Call Limitation per trunk
* Many trunks per provider
* Costs for provider routes based on area code
* Limitation channels by each provider
* CDR (Admin, Sub-Admin, Reseller, Sub-reseller, Customer,provider )
* Live Calls Report,Summary Report,Trunk Stats
* Search Criteria for reporting
* Export report to PDF & Excel
* Invoice generation,Payment Report, Commission Report
* IVR prompts( balance,destination, credit time)
* Customize IVR in multilanguage
* DID Management from Portal
* Multi Language Support
* Real Time Customized Billing Interface (Color & Theme of Form, Table, Menu & Buttons)
* VoIP Wholesale, Calling Card, PC-Phone, Device-Phone, Phone-Phone, Mobile VoIP
* Server Failover
* Database Replication
* Multi currency support for Balance
* Signup
* Email Notification
* User Validation support for admin
* Export data into PDF or Excel

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