Cuba-53, Cameroon-237,Tunisia-216,Mali-223,Pak-92,Nigeria-234 NCLI !

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Cuba-53, Cameroon-237,Tunisia-216,Mali-223,Pak-92,Nigeria-234 NCLI !

Post  ameyhuaallen on Fri Dec 29, 2017 12:06 am

We are needing good working ncli routes as followed:
Afghan all codes ncli 9370/9371/9374/9376/9377/9379
Pakistan all codes ncli 9230/9231/9233/9234
Azerbaijan all ncli 994
Mali mobile ncli 223
Cuba mobile ncli 53
Ivory Coast orange/mtn 225
Libya mobile Libyana 218
Guinea mobile orange 224
Botswana cell orange 267
Tunisia mobile all 216
Cameroon mobile mtn 237
Togo mobile togocel 228
Algeria mobile wataniya/orascom ncli 213
Congo mobile orange/vodacom ncli 243
Benin mobile mtn ncli 229
Philippine smart/globe ncli 63
Yemen mtn/sabafone ncli 967
Georgia mobile all ncli 995
Eritrea ncli 291
Morocco all codes ncli 212
we have very good potential/live traffic for these destinations.
pls kindly contact me if you have any route aboved.
Skype: Amey.huaallen
Wechat :Amey140401


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