SSD Based Cloud Servers from $4/month

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SSD Based Cloud Servers from $4/month

Post  nithin6 on Sat Mar 17, 2018 5:34 am

We are happy to announce that we have SSD based Cloud Servers startign from $4 per Month with no setup fees.

1 Core 1 GB SSD Based Cloud Server $4/Month.
2 Core 2 GB SSD Based Cloud Server $6/Month.
8 Core 4 GB SSD Based Cloud Server $8/Month.
8 Core 8 GB SSD Based Cloud Server $12/Month.
Range of SMART Cloud Servers
Application Servers

GoautoDial Servers
ViciDial Servers
Elastix Servers
Asterisk Servers
A2Billing Servers

Virtualization Servers* Proxmox Servers

VMWare Servers
Private Cloud Servers

VOIP Telephony Servers

ITELSwitch Servers
VOIPSwitch Servers
FreePBX Servers
VOS3000 Servers

Windows Desktops/Servers

Windows 10 virtual Desktops
Windows 2012 Servers
Windows 2016 Servers

Linux Servers

And Many more Linux OS

Web Hosting Servers

Cpanel Servers

Email Servers

Zimbra Hosted Server

Cloud Server Features

Prices start $4/Month
1 to 24 Core Servers
Genuine Dell Servers
BGP - Redundant Internet
99% Uptime
N +1 Redundant Power
No Long term Contract
Monthly Billing
247 365 days support

Now we have Bank Accounts in USA, India and Bangladesh.

We also accept PayTM now.


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