Voipswitch with all modules and PC / all version Mobile Dialers on $299

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Voipswitch with all modules and PC / all version Mobile Dialers on $299

Post  aby@datasoft.ws on Mon Jan 10, 2011 4:32 am

1. VPS system contains main system (Version 2.985.0.121) with
» Softswitch with management interface
» Billing
» Portal (endusers interface) Version
» Web admin interface (VSC) Version
» Two PC-Dialers SIPLINK and VIPPIE
» 24/7 Support to help the customers

» Free initial training and configuration.
2. Additional modules
» Callback module - SMS, ANI, PIN, DID, WEB
» IP IVR (Calling cards) module
» Resellers module
» Callshop module
» OnlineShop module
3. MRTG Monitoring service
» Two Intel XEON Processor Duel Core (Total 4 cores)
» 4 GB RAM
» 2 x 500 GB Hard Drives in Hardware RAID 1 (Redundant hard drives)
» 64 Bit Windows 2003
5. MySQL Daily Backup service
6. Juniper Firewall Service
7. Unlimited Bandwidth
8. PRONTO and TELEFONE Symbian Dialers with AntiBlock feature
9. SIPLINK and VIPPIE PC Dialers
10. Company name embedding in SIPLINK and VIPPIE Dialers
11. IPHONE, ANDRIOD, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry Dialers
12. PC Dialer with Antiblock feature


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