VOS3000 v / Sell &rent with dedicated server / Cheap & maximum calls

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VOS3000 v / Sell &rent with dedicated server / Cheap & maximum calls

Post  dedicated.voip on Wed Dec 12, 2012 1:16 pm

We offering full functional VOIP switch with affordable price.
Our hosted switch for whole

*Mera II with full dedicated server and full capacity of concurrent calls
*Vos3000 latest version with 10,000 calls
*Nextone latest version + billbery 100 port uo to 10000 port rent …
*VPS with pc dialer /all mobile dialer /port block dialer
*Mera PRO the most stable version
*MOR kolmisoft

We have others billing software available for sell:

Billbery latest version
Porta one
Nextone 4.1 up to latest latest version
Itel switch with all dialer / sip/ pc and all mobile dialer / sell and rent
MOR kolmisoft 12
Mera II old to latest all version
Mera pro
Mvts +snap billing
Vos3000 – etc with 10,000 concurrent calls
Vps with mobile dialer / pc dialer
A2 billing etc…..
Route : Egypt / Philippines mobile / UAE / Canada / BD cli or gray / pak / india all and many more
Thanks giving
Bryan Sanjuan
Mail : bryan@24x7communication.co
GTALK/mail : customercare07@gmail.com
SKYPE : Customercare07
Linknedin : customercare07@gmail.com
facebook: customercare07@gmail.com
MSN : customeracare07@gmail.com
MSN II : softwaresvoip@gmail.com
YM : softwaresvoip01
Nimbuzz: ip2go
Manila Philippines


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