VOS3000 Softswitch

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VOS3000 Softswitch

Post  Link2Desh on Fri Feb 22, 2013 12:00 am

Hello Sir/Madam,

I am from Link2Desh

We are one of the leading A 2 Z wholesale VoIP service providers in Malaysia.

We are providing our best services all around the world...
we can give you very high quality of service for almost every Switch

Currently we offering Stable :: iTel Switch Plus :: VoIPSwitch :: 4 Level Reseller Billing :: Flexilode Server ::

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VoIP Operation Support System VOS3000 is a system designed for carrier class operations. It provides the following


Exchange Rate Management
Card Management
Package Management
Account Management
Gateway Management
Phone Management
Softswitch Management
Number Management
Data Query and Web self-service system
System Management
IVR and User Management

This system also includes an add-on modules like the Global Card Business System (support 10 million cards) and extreme

media proxy. VOS3000 Softswitch supports H323 / SIP / SIP-H323, with a capacity of up to 10,000 concurrent calls.

System Performance
Stand-alone performance
For Single Server total number of calls >= 10,000 (signaling forward)
Medial forwarding capacity of Server >= 2,000 (B/W limit 100 Mbps)
Call per second >= 1200 CPS (4,320,000 BHCA)
Supported protocol: HTTP, SIP, H323, TCP / UDP, etc

Important features of VOS 3000 System:
For VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) operators
Real-time control of soft-switching platform
Routing by (ASR) and Least Cost Routing (LCR)
Full support for Voice calls, Fax and Video call support.
Gateway group, preset profit rate
Overload protection, load balancing and redundancy backup mechanism.
Voice codec priority settings and Softswitch platform Control.
Dual Hot-backup mechanism
Multi-server distributed placement and centralized management
Connect analysis, interruption analysis and Excellent Compatibility
Multi-gateway encryption standard
Real time monitoring of Call performance
Area code automatically added by phone.
Global Card management business, IVR service helps to achieve one million global cards.
Various Package features, providing daily/weekly/monthly basis or annual rent and other available methods
Efficient media access transponder modules, forwarding up to 2000 concurrent calls.
Value added business expansion
A better after sales and technical support service
After rigorous testing, VOS system provides stable and reliable high-performance carrier-class services.
Increasing value-added service modules bring more rich business modes to the customers.
After thorough testing, the VOS3000 VoIP softswitch proves to be a constant and dependable high-performance carrier-class



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For More Information And Technical Support Please Contact Us.

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Email : sales@link2desh.net

Thank you & have a good day ahead!

Warm Regards


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