RENT ! RENT ! RENT ! with Am/PM support =>

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RENT ! RENT ! RENT ! with Am/PM support =>

Post  hostingv on Fri Jan 29, 2010 8:21 am

HostingVOIP is an all-in-one Hosted VOIP management, billing & Routing solution for VOIP businesses. HostingVOIP handles everything from signup to termination, with automated billing, provisioning, Routing & management. With HostingVOIP, you're in control with a very powerful VOIP business automation tool.

1. A highly scalable softswitch with integrated billing
2. Class 5 features included
3. A Calling card platform with IP IVR including pin or pinless scenarios
4. A Callback solution supporting all types of triggering methods, e.g. SMS, missed call, web call back
5. Web callshop interface
6. Web self-care portal for end users and support for Online payments
7. SMS features for both wholesale and retail services, using http, SIP and SMPP protocols
8. Mobile SIP for Symbian, Windows Mobile and Iphone users; all features are integrated with VoIP tunneling
9. Customize PC2Phone Dialer with Voip Tunnel.
10. All services can be offered through resellers who can manage their endusers accounts, rates sheets, see reports, active calls and more via web interface.

HostingVOIP Plans :

200 CC in just $400 Monthly :
* Core 2 Duo 3.0 GHZ prossesor , 1GB RAM, 10 MB Bandwidth
* Valid for 200 concurrent calls

400 CC in just $550 Monthly :
* Xion 3.0 Ghz prossesor , 2GB RAM, 20 MB Bandwidth
* Valid for 400 concurrent calls

600 CC in just $700 Monthly:
* Valid for 600 concurrent calls
* Quad Core Prossesor , 2GB RAM, 25 MB Bandwidth

800 CC in just $850 Monthly:
* Valid for 800 concurrent calls
* Dual Quad Core Prossesor , 4GB RAM, 32 MB Bandwidth

Note : Make an order for [ Symbian Mobile Limited Time ]

Symbian Dialer for $19.99 are bound to IMEI Code of Mobile Set.

for more detail :
Office Phone : +14409413133
Fax : +12064265071
Yahoo ID :
Msn :
E-Mail :


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