A powerful suite of business VoIP Phone System

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A powerful suite of business VoIP Phone System

Post  tutu on Thu Feb 26, 2015 7:07 pm

Dear Sir,
It’s never been easier to communicate with anyone, anywhere, on any device. With our VoIP Phone System, you get the most advanced and fully featured VoIP Phone system in the industry. Get the entire business phone, collaboration, conferencing and mobility features you’ve ever dreamed of for much less than you ever thought possible.
Great business phone service is just the beginning. Adore Infotech gives you far more than traditional VoIP Phone systems, at a fraction of the cost. Enjoy seamless integration with the CRM and productivity tools you use every day. Add in our enterprise-ready contact center solution and get truly integrated and complete VoIP Phone System. In our VoIP phone system have Wholesale & Retail modules, Integrated VoIP Billing, Calling Card System, PC & Mobile Softphone.

Features of VoIP Phone System:
• With our economical VOIP Phone System, we assist several telephony infrastructures to provide authentic and authorized billing solutions.
• Our system is equipped with contemporary technology and features to enhance authenticity and collaboration.
• Our VOIP Phone system is designed to manage and streamline all customer services from one page.
• VOIP system rendered by us makes maintenance of unlimited financial history easier
• We use the advanced and the most pioneering technologies to deliver VOIP products and services.
• Our VOIP products are enriched with many features that enables in viewing call records, names, address, deposit adjustments, call reporting or handling etc.
• Mobile VoIP
• PIN & PIN Less Calling Card
• High Availability Architecture
• Pre-Integrated for Rapid Time to Market
• Lower Total Cost of Ownership
• Strong Reseller Management
• Single Platform for Multiple Services
• Fully integrated and redundant wholesale and retail voip swith
• Account and user management
• Rate Management
• LCR & Gateway Management
• Billing Reports and Invoice management
• Call Origination & Termination under one platform
• Transparently protocol conversion
• Media servers update without interruption
• Multi-level permissions for user's access to the system depending on user's profile
• Live console
• Hourly traffic report
• User-friendly web interface
• Intelligent routing
• Multiple routing to same IP
• Active calls status

For more information please contact : sales@adoreinfotech.com
Skype ID : banoj100
Toll Free -1 800 498 6429 for USA,
Tel : +91 - 9958611014, +91 - 120- 6471891
www.adoreinfotech.com, www.adoresoftphone.com

[url= http://www.adoreinfotech.com/VoIP-phone-system.html][/URL]


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